Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baghdad & Halloween

He's not going to, but he was told with this new company he could go to Baghdad for a month. We think just going a few states away is enough for a start. He is going to get paperwork for the new company this weekend and talk to his brother next week sometime. So hope that goes as well as can be expected.

If you have kiddos, what are they going to be for Halloween? Eriq, 6 yr old, is going to be Iron Man, and Dominiq, 20 mth old, is going to be Murray Wiggle from the Wiggles. We have a Wiggles guitar from when Eriq was younger, and Dominiq didn't like any costumes over his head, so.... This way he doesn't know he is dressed up, and we can reuse the clothes! If I don't post tomorrow~~ Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wrong Time Frame & SC Reveal

Ok, so I was wrong on what I figured for the Louisiana job. Kelley found out tonight that it would be 1 yr and a half! The friend telling him about it says he works a couple of months then comes home for a month then goes back, etc. So...that might be what he'll do. He might be able to go to OKC to work in a few and get started, but he still has to talk to his brother about all of this, and that is what he is afraid of. He's not sure what will happen to the company after he leaves.

For all the SC gals~ Reveal is in just less than 3 hrs! Whoo-hoo!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, my husband has been thinking for awhile that he might like to get a new job or career. He has worked for his brother for the last like 14 years or close to it. He likes it, he just knows he won't be moving up any farther than he has already, Shop Foreman. He has been thinking about becoming an electrician for a little while now. One of his friends is an electrician and just got back from a job he finished up in Missouri. He and Kelley talked about if Kelley would be interested in traveling for work. There is a job coming up after the first of the year in Louisiana. Kelley, my husband, said he wouldn't rule it out, but he would have to think about it and talk to me of course. From what it sounds like at the moment it would be like an $8/hr raise plus overtime and per diem. He will find out more info this week; how long, hours, etc.

I can't say I am all for it, but it would be nice to get caught up on stuff and pay other off. He is worried that our 20 month old would forget him. I don't think he would, I'm thinking it would be for 3-4 months. I told him we'd have to add picture messaging to our cell plan. I know he is ready for a change, and I do believe we'd be fine if he did this. When I was little and until I was about 17, my dad traveled alot for work, so I am used to it in a way. But we have been married for almost 13 years, working same hours practically, and always spend time together. So it would be a change. I told him my mom raised my sister and I while dad was away at work. This didn't help him too much since he knows my parents divorced some due to the traveling and trust issues. I told him that I believe we have a stronger marriage than my parents did to begin with, so I am not worried about , esp. since we trust each other.

Sorry so long, just had to get it out. I'll update on it as I find out more.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Getting There!

Well, after a day I have gotten quite a bit done to my new page, with help! Thanks to mommy2alex for the great layout link! Next I would like to know how to get the places on the side for what I am reading, blogs I follow, and scrap sites. Any help on this ladies?? Thanks for my first 2 commenters! I have a myspace page, but it's seems like more people are doing this, for scrap world any way! After reading a link posted on StudioCalico's message board about typepad vs. blogspot, I thought why not! Here I go...! Have a great weekend! Just think StudioCalico chicks, after this weekend comes Monday night and the "Reveal"!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok, I have seen so many people with their own blogs, I thought I would do it too! I know it is kinda lame right now, but I will work to make it better as soon as I know how! I will post more soon!