Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm around!

Hello! Sorry again that my posts are far and few between here the past few months. It's Facebook, I swear! LOL! It is just so much easier to update your status on there, but then I forget to update here.

Everything is going well for my new job as Customer Service Rep for the Tulsa WAKA League! I am really enjoying it and learning alot more than I thought I would! We are having the midseason party this week and gearing up for the Summer League! Right now the team I am on is in 3rd place, but that can change every week.

Kelley was given a new route at work yesterday, cleans lines for Budweiser. He wasn't given any notice of the change, just got a phone call yesterday morning before he left for work. He is now working in the NE Oklahoma corner. He doesn't care for all of the driving, his cell and radio doesn't get reception out there, just bored. I was really hoping this would be a fulltime position for him, but it isn't. He is just sticking it out for now, and I appreciate it very much. He has been taking classes for Veterinary Assisitant and he really likes it. He would love to get a job doing that!

The boys are doing great! Eriq only has like 12 days of 2nd grade left! He did bring home his 1st B on his last progress report though. O'well! Eriq's soccer team ended the season 4-4, which is their best! Dominiq is saying a nd doing all kinds of things, some he shouldn't be doing or saying too! Besides allergies, we have all been pretty healthly lately. Dominiq had some stomach thing for a couple of weeks. The drs drew blood, etc, etc.. We wonder if it is something in dark pop, so he hasn't had any more and has been fine. Who knows!

I have been having alot of fun creating cards with the wonderful Papertrey Ink products! Everyone at the NSD crop wanted to know about them. I have been posting my creations in my Etsy Shop! That is it for now! I hope everyone is well!