Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello! I keep wanting to post updates on things, but I just never really get the time to do what I want! So I will do this for now and update when I can!

I had a wonderful birthday despite the snow that weekend! I met a few of my girls out at the casino. We played a few games, ate a little food, and just had a good time together! I even managed to win some $$, about time! LOL! Kelley and I didn't get to go out that Saturday due to the crummy weather, but it was ok! My presesnt from Kelley was that I got order some items from Papertray Ink! My first order, I was so happy! I am hoping to play with it tonight!

I took on another job this month! Yes, I know I am crazy! LOL! I am now the Customer Service Rep for WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) for the Tulsa, OK area! I have had fun with it so far! We have a pickup game this Thursday and our season starts April 15th! A maxed out league is 416 players. We got 330 this season! The last 2 seasons were at 210 and 265. So this is quite a jump and may add another league next season! Wow!

Dominiq has been doing well potty training. He is now in a toddler bed! We took his crib down this weekend. Eriq asked what we were going to do with it. He seems to think we need to keep it just in case we have another baby. Hahaha! :) Don't think so!

That's it for now! I hope to post Thursday or Friday! Thursday Eriq will be 8! OMG!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Birthday!

I love my birthdays! I thought this morning, you know I don't mind being a year older, I am happy to have made it another year! I am 33 today, and I don't care!

A friend took me to lunch at El Chico's, and my boys took me to dinner at Logan's! My almost 8 yr old really wanted to tell the waitress it was my birthday so I would have to stand up for them to yee haw at me, so he did. I didn't mind though, it was fun and I know he enjoyed it. My 3 yr old kept saying (yelling) Happy Birthday afterwards. LOL!

Dominiq's sitter got me a big vase full of beautiful roses and carnations! My mom gave me a ring with mine and Kelley's names engraved into it! The guys at work sang Happy Birthday to me, pretty well too! Kelley never knows what to get me since we usually get what we want when we want it. So, I ordered some items from Papertrey Ink! My first order! I have wanted some of their stuff for awhile now! I love color and matching products! A friend told me recently that I should sell my paintings and cards on Etsy. I have been tossing it around in my head.

Tomorrow night I meet some of my girlfriends at the casino to play and have a few drinks. I have done this for about 5 or so yrs now. Then on Saturday, weather permitting, the hubby and I will go to dinner and a movie! Gerard Butler in Bounty Hunter, yum! LOL!

I will be posting some pics on here soon of different things! It has been forever!