Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here's to wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas! If you travel, have safe trips to and from!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hate Being Sick

Ok so just to update on things. I took Eriq in on Saturday morning to get his cast off. I think the dr was being a little cautious, wanting Eriq to were a split if he is being too rambunctious, just to give it more time. He was so happy to take a bath Saturday night! While I had him at Urgent Care, I kept thinking I should get checked, but I didn't. Stupid me!!

I got so bad on Saturday. Chills, sore throat, achy. I thought oh great I had my flu shot, what's going on. When I got up Sunday morning, it hurt sooo bad to swallow, I wanted to cry. So, I went in to Urgent Care, and got in pretty quick. The dr couldn't believe how my throat looked. Needless to say I have strep. Ugh.. I got an antibiotic shot plus pills and some suckers to numb my throat. They didn't work too well for my throat, but they numbed my lips. LOL! I was feeling better last night, thank goodness.

Today I took Dominiq to his dr. Making our rounds I'd say. He had been congested all last week, and over the weekend it got much worse. He has a sinus infection! She said little ones don't usually get them, but he was sick so long it got worse not better. So, now he is also on antibiotics. That took about $130 that could've been used on other things. O'well! Atleast I'll get most of it back in a few weeks. I guess that's it for now....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Visit

We decided to go into Tulsa to eat tonight at Promenade. There wasn't much of a line for Santa, so we thought what the heck. Oh yeah no! Dominiq was NOT gonna have it! This was his 1st real Santa visit so it's not like we should've expected it to go real well! I posted pics! The one w/ Dominiq crying was the 1st one taken. Then Eriq with Santa after I took Dominiq. The last one, we thought we'd try again. Dominiq was not gonna let go of me to sit on Santa's lap. So we sat him next to Santa on the present. Love his facial expression! LOL! I usually don't buy their pics, but you couldn't take free ones any more. Enjoy! LOL!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

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Eriq & Christmas

Eriq went back to Urgent Care on Saturday. They took xrays through the cast and said there is new bone growth and he's healing just fine. He will go back on the 20th and should get the cast off. He is so ready! The cast hasn't slowed him down much though!

I organized my scrap area over the weekend. It needed it so much! LOL! I love patterned paper, esp the theme for the current time! After I got my paper organized and my table mostly cleaned off, I worked more on Christmas cards and ornaments! I have to make sure to take pics of my stuff so I know what I've done! I have been working on 2008 albums of the boys to give as gifts to family. I have finally picked the pics to put in them, I just have to make it to Walmart to get them printed off! I hope to post picks on some of my cards and ornaments soon!

I have like 2 gifts left to buy, except for dh! My hubby put gas logs in our fireplace over the sumer, so we had someone come out on Friday to make sure we had no leaks. Everything was fine on it, and we love using it! We'll see how the gas bill is though! LOL! Now we are ready if we lose power like we did last year, not that I want to though! I hope everyone is doing well!