Monday, December 22, 2008

Hate Being Sick

Ok so just to update on things. I took Eriq in on Saturday morning to get his cast off. I think the dr was being a little cautious, wanting Eriq to were a split if he is being too rambunctious, just to give it more time. He was so happy to take a bath Saturday night! While I had him at Urgent Care, I kept thinking I should get checked, but I didn't. Stupid me!!

I got so bad on Saturday. Chills, sore throat, achy. I thought oh great I had my flu shot, what's going on. When I got up Sunday morning, it hurt sooo bad to swallow, I wanted to cry. So, I went in to Urgent Care, and got in pretty quick. The dr couldn't believe how my throat looked. Needless to say I have strep. Ugh.. I got an antibiotic shot plus pills and some suckers to numb my throat. They didn't work too well for my throat, but they numbed my lips. LOL! I was feeling better last night, thank goodness.

Today I took Dominiq to his dr. Making our rounds I'd say. He had been congested all last week, and over the weekend it got much worse. He has a sinus infection! She said little ones don't usually get them, but he was sick so long it got worse not better. So, now he is also on antibiotics. That took about $130 that could've been used on other things. O'well! Atleast I'll get most of it back in a few weeks. I guess that's it for now....

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