Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's my

Birthday, but I don't want to cry!! I am just glad I feel better. Yesterday I started feeling like crap, laid in bed most of the evening reading a book. Today, I have felt fine so far! We took the boys to the zoo this morning. We were so glad we went when we did! When we left the lines were very long. Eriq, the older one, just left to go stay the night at my sister's. So, now I get to pick whatever I want for dinner! Hmmm....not sure yet! I am 32 today, but I don't feel like it, not that I know what it really "feels" like! I will be going out with a few girlfriends on Friday night to the casino for a few games and some drinks!


  1. Happy belated Birthday!!Hope you continue to feel good so you can celebrate with style on Friday!!!

  2. I aleady told you like 2x but i'll say it again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (oh crap i need to go on myspace too! I wouldn't be a great bff if i didnt! lol) I hope it was a good one- feel better soon!!

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  4. Happy Belated Birthday! We were out of town for Break and I just saw your blog! Hope you had fun Friday night!