Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dominiq's haircut and Eriq's last day (photo heavy)

So, I had put off cutting Dominiq's hair for awhile, I just loved it! I know that he is getting hot though with the warmer weather with all of it. So I went to Sally's tonight and bought a bigger hair guard. It will take me some getting used to, I didn't cry but close! The first pic was a few days ago, the next two are after the cut and then all the hair I cut off. He is a little boy now...

Today was Eriq's last day of 1st grade! He got a perfect report card. He started the summer reading program last week and has already read 8 books in 2-3 days! I posted a pic of Eriq and his teacher showing the clipboard I made last night and a couple of close ups. Following that is the picture frame we did together for his teacher a few weeks ago for Teacher Appreciation.

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  1. What a big boy! I think I would have cried at the haircut! Cute clipboard! Hope to see you Thursday night!