Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I have posted a few pics of recent happenings! I got a blue strip in my hair! LOL! I just wanted something funky! Then pics of Dominiq over the weekend. He woke up from his nap on Saturday with a slightly swollen eye, 2nd pic. The 3rd pic is on Sunday after he woke up that morning. The dr said it was either a bite or a blocked tear gland. He has been on antibiotics and is all better now. Thank goodness! The last pic posted is of Eriq explaining something to Dominiq, I think about frogs, so cute!


  1. poor little fella! he looks like he got in a fight. my oldest used to get blocked tear glands all the time.

    love the blue! but why didn't you go all the way? :)

  2. you are rockin the blue mama! :) glad D is feeling better! poor guy! I LOOOOOVE the last pic :)