Sunday, January 18, 2009


This stinks! We were all doing great. I had been bragging how Eriq hasn't missed any school for being sick, which is good for him, also how Kelley hadn't ever had strep. Then Thursday I got a call that his tummy was hurting him. So he left school early, but he was fine besides being a little snotty. We all got the sneezes. I stayed home Friday with Kelley and the boys. Kelley was going to go to a movie, but he went to the dr instead. He has strep and a virus! So we are all just waiting to see if any of the rest of us get any of it. I have not had a sore throat, yipee, just sneezing and coughing. Dominiq is a little snotty. Eriq is about all over his. I swear if I get strep again like I had it last month Iam going to find out the cost of getting my tonsils out...

Well, Kelley will more than likely be leaving in a couple of weeks to work in Louisiana. It may be 3 weeks at the most. I still think we will be ok, just time for adjusting. We are both looking forward to getting things paid off, have some breathing room. He is still really worried about how Dominiq will react when he comes back after a couple of months.

To all of you scrappers - how do you organize your paper? I don't have a whole lot of room, but it seems like alot of paper! LOL! I would so love to get my things organized in a better way. I was thinking of trying to get some paper trays for my paper. I bought a few buckets for others things, might need more though!

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  1. Hey chicka! Sorry i've been awol lately...been busy with basketball, unpacking and getting over a cold or whatever it was. Anyways- what if you made the boys a mini ablum of Kelley and him and the boys(take some pics before he leaves lol) that way D can look at it every day, and when K calls, have him talk to him (whicj I know he would already do). He'll be fine :)
    Alright-organizing paper. Either organize by color, theme, product brand- or all of the above. Just whatever makes sense to you. How do you scrap? How do you pick out your items before you scrap? If I know you at all, you would probably go by color. ;0) As far as storing, the paper trays are good- then you can label. Or use the plastic paper holders(that you get at micheals)- that way you can take some with you when you go to a crop. Also, purge purge and purge often (believe me on that one??!! lol) WHy don't you talk to Ashley about having a "garage sale" at the store. She would make a little profit for having people "buy" a space (table), you would get some $ back on products, and the buyers would get something they want- a win- win for everyone! lol I wish i had that option here!! The LSS that closed did when they were open.

    Anyways, take some time to organize your stuff- you'd be suprised how much time (and $$ in my case) you'd save by being organized. OR- if you have the $$- take the GOBI class at BPS. Its a bit expensive, but its worth it and lots of activites/projects I know you would like. Miss you!

    Ps- when are you coming here? ;0)