Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today and Yesterday

This is how it looks outside this morning. It might look like snow, but it is a sheet of ice with sleet. It came in pretty good at times this morning. No school today and probably not tomorrow either. Kelley and I stayed home from work today also. This is my pic for today for my 365. I will be posting my back pics soon also!

The pic below is of Eriq decorating cookies we made last night. My pic for yesterday! He calls it his mommy time. LOL! He went to a bday party last weekend at Home Depot and got the apron. He wore it while decorating the cookies and put the 2 sprinkle containers in the pockets! Too cute!


  1. A scene like that and cookies = perfect!

  2. how funny about the sprinkles in the pockets! my son has a lowe's apron that he loves to use when he 'creates' in my scraproom...and when i say create i mean makes messes and uses all my glue! hope your ice has melted...stay safe!

    thanks for following my blog too!