Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dominiq's Evaluation

Just to update on Dominiq's evaluation this morning. The ladies said he is very bright and very cute. LOL! He passed everything except what we worried about-the expressive communication. He scored at a 14 month level being 42% delayed. On the receptive, him understanding others, he scored at a 29 month level. With him only scoring 42% delay he does not qualify for the Soonerstart program. Unless something shows up on his hearing test which is scheduled for next Tuesday morning. We are going ahead and scheduling some speech therapy though. If he is delayed on his hearing then he will be accepted into the program and his speech therapy paid for by them. The therapist will work with us though, so we are hoping they don't find anything wrong with his hearing. They also said to have his vision checked at his 2 yr checkup since 1 eye seemed to have less mobility than the other. We don't feel there is anything to worry about on his seeing or hearing, but we will have them checked just to make sure. I will update as we go along.

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  1. geez louise- well good luck with everything- i'm sure he is fine :) Ive been wondering about you guys with the twisters hitting in guys aren't anywhere near are you?