Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dominiq!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Dominiq! He turns 2 today! In some ways it seems he should be much older! We had a family party on Sunday at our house, not sure if he really knew what was going on! He sure loved the cake though! He even came in to the living room twice yesterday carrying the cake box! Luckily there wasn't much left and it didn't open!
He came into the bathroom on Saturday morning saying momma! He has said something like mom mom mom before when he was upset but this was the first momma. Talk about being excited! LOL! The Soonerstart people come to our house tomorrow morning to do the evaluation on him since he is saying words. The more time I have had to think about it though, I agree that he just isn't ready to talk. We will go ahead with the eval though since it is cheduled and free. I do want to make sure there isn't anything to worry about. I will update on that later!


  1. Happy Birthday little man!!! :) Looks like he had a great day!!
    Doesn't it melt your heart when they say those things!?!?!