Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Change of Weather

Hello! I hope everyone has been well with all of this funky weather! I had a stomach bug the first week of September, a severe sinus infection the 2nd week, and a colon procedure Monday I am recovering from. Geez! I am getting my strength back though. I mean I didn't even have the energy to fix myself something to eat!

The dr did a flex sig or a short scope on me Monday to check the thickening they reported on in July. Dr said everything showed normal, thank goodness. The procedure wasn't like the most comfortable but bearable. It was the recovery afterwards I didn't care for at all. Just sick and bloated feeling for 2 days, better now though!

My hubby has changed positions at Budweiser as of last Friday. He didn't care to be on the trucks or to be a delivery driver. Now he is a Sales Support Rep and is being trained this week on cleaning Keg lines. He likes it much better and hopes to get a fulltime position soon.

The boys are doing just great! Eriq is enjoying school and soccer! His first game of this season he scored 3 goals and was very happy about it! Dominiq is saying so much more and is pretty good about going to his sitter's during the day.

I will post some pics soon!

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  1. Life is precious. THank you for sharing your story about your dad...I am sure you miss him terribly! My heart goes out to you!