Friday, September 11, 2009

Donna Downey!

Thanks to my BF, Lacey, I got to spend a few days with her and take all 3 of Donna's classes offered in Oregon! It was awesome! I found new techniques I liked and new products! Donna was wonderful teacher! She explained everything so everyone could understand and gave us time to work, no rushing! I don't think anyone got too frustrated at all, which is great! Thanks Lacey!


  1. wow, that is soooo cool, Donna Downey was only 45 mins from my house this weekend, but i was unable to go and I am in VA. have a wonderful evening!

    enjoy *~*

  2. YOURE WELCOME!!! It was sooo cool (happpyyy that we got the chance!!) and I can't wait to get back into scrapping & painting (with her class projects!!!) and creating once the move is over (why does it seem i am ALWAYS saying that? guess i better quit moving huh? LOL). Donna is a ROCKSTAR for sure!

  3. what a great friend, It looks like you had a blast. fabulous photo.. I will live through you for a while.