Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello! I apologize for not posting regularly. I was keeping up pretty well, but then Facebook happened! LOL! It seems like since I started on there, it is just so easy to post what's happening. Our computer at home wouldn't let me post for some reason, but that is where I have my pics stored. Our computer is in the shop and will hopefully be home in a few days!

My hubby's truck is also in the shop right now. :( He went out to go to work last Monday, and it wouldn't start. We though maybe the starter, but he couldn't get it off. We had it towed in to the shop. Today we find out it is probably the gear heads. Nice, not! Not sure how much it will be yet, so we may be a 1 car family for awhile.

Dominiq fell in the bathtub on January 18th. He broke his two front, upper teeth. Talk about scary. The dentist said they look fine though, no exposed nerves. We have to wait to see if they discolor to know if he had any nerve damage. So hoping not, praying all the time.

Eriq will be starting Spring soccer soon. He is doing awesome in 2nd grade, all A's! He reads quite a bit. Last quarter he finished his AR goal before everyone else in class!

I will post again this week, hopefully with some pics!

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