Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Baby Is 3!!!

Today is Dominiq's birthday! In a way I can't believe he is 3 already, in other ways it hard to remember too much before him.

He is so different than Eriq. Eriq was pretty much calm until he started school! Dominiq is a live wire about 24-7! He jumps and climbs on everything, has to touch everything. We were so worried about his speech. Ha! He went through the speech sessions, finished up, and now we wonder how to get him to be quiet! LOL! It is like 50 questions in 2-3 minutes!

He is a tough little guy though. I mean he was bit by a dog on his face when he was like 10 mths old. Then for him to jump in the tub last month and break both front teeth. Ugh! We will be working on getting his paci away from him for bed now, also to finish up his potty training.

Dominiq is a pretty cute and loveable little boy though! ;) He can be so sweet and loving. He is a total momma's boy. Kelley and I have been taking turns on who puts him to bed at night lately. When I put him to bed, he wants me to stay in there while he talks to me. LOL!

Well, that is it for now. We get our home computer back tomorrow, so I will hopefully have some pics up soon along with another post!

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  1. Time seems to fly by when your a mama doesn't it.Happy Birthday to your little one! Have a great day!