Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My "Baby's" Birthday

My oldest turns 7 today! He was so excited last night and this morning! We are having his party out at the park this Saturday after his soccer game. I am just starting to get calls for the party, so we'll see how many are able to come. He usually has quite a few kids at his parties hence having it at the park vs Incredible Pizza or something like that! I made a birthday card for a friend over the weekend, whose birthday is also today. He saw it and said he wanted me to make him one too. I stayed up last night and did just that for him! I used the most stamps on his card than I have used one any 1 project - 14!! LOL! He liked it and thanked me this morning!


  1. Too cute!! You have to post the pic of the card silly! lol Happy bday E!!! :)

  2. Hope he has a super fun Birthday Party :)

  3. ooo I wanna see what the card looks lile Happy birthday to your 'baby' xxx.