Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello All! I thought I had better update while I had the chance!

I heard back from the nurse last Thursday on my pelvic ultrasound. I do have an ovarian cyst. I was so scattered after she told me, I just wanted to get off the phone. I have to go to the Gyn now to figure course of action. I will update when that happens, probably a couple of weeks. I was so down on Thursday night about it, worrying. I called the nurse back on Friday and found out it is 1.4 cm. so smaller than I was thinking. It may take care of itself after my next monthly, here's to hoping.

Eriq had a makeup soccer game Thursday night also. He scored 3 goals! Whup Whup! LOL! He was so proud of himself, as he should be! He is doing so much better this season, the hang of it and being more aggressive. They have 2 games on Saturday and their season will be finished. They may play in a tournament the following week though!

Eriq got his birthday gift this past Sunday, just a little late! LOL! When I find my camera cord, I will post pics! We went to the pet store on Saturday, and Eriq picked out his baby ferret! We paid some on him and left. Eriq went to stay at my sister's that night. Kelley and I both thought it would be cool to have Bandit at home in Eriq's room waiting for him when he got back Sunday. He was so surprised! He was thinking that we just had the cage! Silly boy!

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