Saturday, April 11, 2009


We had Eriq's birthday party last weekend at the park. There were about 20 kids there! OMG! That is why we have to do something like the park or our house, there are always so many kids! I am glad that Eriq is well liked by all the other kids though. I don't think any party with that many kids is too well organized, but we made it through! LOL! After everyone that we knew was coming got there we started with the Superman cupcake cake then on to the presents. The kids kept swarming Eriq. He was telling them "I'm getting crowded". LOL! After all of that, they took of to play for about an hour. It was a good party, Eriq says the best, and I am glad. I will get pics posted soon of his cake and the card made him.

Dominiq has had 3 speech therapy sessions. He has said a few words since we started going. We get down on the floor more to play with him. When we are telling him words or labeling things, we make sure he is watching our mouth. Some of the time he will move his mouth say some words! He has this fish puzzle that has a magnetic stick with it, but he just pulls the pieces out with his fingers. He loves this puzzle! Every time he puts one back in, he points to it so we will tell him what color it is. When he completes it we clap and say yay!

Kelley has still been on the look out for a job. He has been told about a few upcoming projects; a couple close, one in Wichita, and one in the Cayman Islands. Hmmm, sounds good! LOL! He has been off for over 2 months, and I am sure he is ready to get back to work. Once he starts working though, we have to put Dominiq in childcare and find something for Eriq to do over the summer.

I have still been having some pain not so much nausea though. I finally called the dr and said hey can we check if I have a kidney stone and if so that it will pass. I mean geez! So I went in for an ab ct on Thursday morning. The tech told me it would be 24 hrs, to call the dr on Friday at 1 if I haven't heard from him. So I called the dr. The nurse calls me back and says oh no it's never in 24 hrs. She said she'd put my chart on her desk and call me as soon as she gets the results. I said I had told the guys at work that I hope it isn't anything too serious to have to just wait to find out about! OMG! Last night I got fever, chills, shakey, and pain. Nothing else happened, today I am just sore inside like I have been for a few days. I hope it isn't just stuck. I will post when I find out something! Have a great weekend!

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