Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beseeching Prayers

This was posted from a fellow blogger and thought this should reach as many as possible:

Alright everyone, I have an earnest and desperate request tonight.

My friend Maegan Buchanan, the owner of Little Red Scrapbook, needs us to band together in prayer. Send this along to your church groups, your prayer partners, friends, family, whoever. I know that the Lord hears us when we cry to Him. He hears our prayers and this family needs prayer. So, let us lift our voices in unison to Him - the one who heals.Maegan's baby boy, Crew, was rushed to Vanderbilt hospital in Tennessee last week. He underwent surgery and a biopsy as there was a mass on his liver. The results came in last week and Crew has Stage 4 S Neuroblastoma, which is a malignant tumor in his liver. There was a lot of pressure on his lungs due to the swelling of his liver. He is going to have 2 rounds of chemotherapy that will assist in shrinking his liver and destroying the cancer cells. The first round was administered Friday night and he was resting comfortably.

Jennifer, a fellow design team girlie, called the hospital to check on them. She didn't get them, but got a new family. So, we were a little excited that maybe they got to go home! However, he took a turn for the worse last night and had to be intubated. He is unconscious right now, but resting comfortably and his vitals are strong. He is breathing with the assistance of an oscillator at this time. So, please....keep this family and baby boy in your prayers! Things are looking so hard right now. I have cried so many tears for them. He is just 6 months old - 2 months younger than my Layne.

I pray for the Lord's mercy and healing in this baby's life. Join with me please!


  1. Oh man, thank you so much for passing this along!!! ((hugs))
    I just know that the One who heals can still perform a miracle!
    I appreciate your prayers and passing this along to your prayer chain!

  2. No, Maegan sold LRS and the new owners start with December's kit. She was looking to sell before all of this happened - and I really think that it was the Lords timing!