Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celtic Thunder

A few months ago my mom was so happy that a certain group was coming to the BOK. She wanted me to buy 3 best available tickets, which she was going to pay for, for her, myself, and my sister. I had never really heard of the group, but she was very excited. So, I got the tickets, she was happy. I still did not know anything about Celtic Thunder until we saw them on Wednesday night at the BOK. OMG!! They were great! I love their show and their music! They each have their own wonderful quality. I really can't say enough about them! We bought both cd's and Paul's solo Christmas cd! I think I know just about every song, and I know who sings each one and each part! LOL! I have added them to my friend list and changed my music playlist on my myspace page to a few of their songs! I really hope I am able to see them perform again!! They have videos on YouTube if you want to check them out!

On another note, I take Eriq back in this morning to get his wrist rechecked. I will post later on what we find out!

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  1. Glad you liked the show. Did they sing this song?

    It is based on a TRUE incident from World War I, and is so beautiful and SO SAD.

    Considering the season, you might also like this song: The vocalist was only 16 when she recorded it, and she has the voice of an angel. The piano work is great too.