Thursday, November 6, 2008

Job & Christmas

So, Kelley is telling his brother today about his switching jobs. Depending on how it goes will decide on what Kelley will do right away. If his brother is fine and understanding, Kelley plans on staying there to finish or train next person until February. If his brother has a caniption (sp?) and tells him to go ahead and leave, then Kelley will go work in Guymon, OK until the middle of January. I pray we are doing the right thing and that it helps as much as we expect it to. He told his parents last night. His dad was understanding while his mom didn't have much to say. From what I have heard she doesn't sound too happy about it. Guess it's good she doesn't make our decisions.

Has anyone started on their Christmas shopping? We have started but haven't gotten too far yet! I am making mini albums for the family, pics of the boys. I have one painted and main paper put on. Eriq helped me pick out which sides of the paper he liked for the albums, lol! Now I need to look through pics to decide which ones to put in the albums. That could take some time, we'll see! I am going to our Christmas cards this year also (or try)! So lots to do and only what a just under 2 months to do it in!

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  1. Good luck with the job change :) It may just be the ticket to get out of the financial mess. I think maybe K's mom is just upset that her son won't be in the same town as much as he was- but she will get over it- this is your family and you have to do what is best. No i haven't even thought about Xmas. I can't just yet. I'm just trying to get thru every day- you know what I mean. Love you!